Monday, 24 May 2010

Sporting Life panel

Made between 1995 and January 2002, the Sporting panel was designed with the help of the students of Intake School and represents a colorful comic newspaper. The base is a sports net, screen printed at Leeds College of Art, with the Leeds United colours in the background.

Many students at Intake were involved with the project designing graffiti-style logos, cartoon rugby players, gymnasts and skateboarders. These included Angela Lambert, Leon Barham, Lisa Dickinson, Natalie Gains, Tana Massey and Gemma Stocks.

Some of the people on the panel were chosen by guests at fundraising events, others were chosen by the volunteers working on the project.

When visitors come to see the sixteen panels on display at the Central Library some ask why some of the sportsmen and women of Leeds are absent from the panel (similarly omissions on other panels). The answer is usually as simple as no-one putting a particular name forward when the panel was being planned, or that no suitable image could be found. The most commonly suggested people for this panel were Len Hutton and John Charles. Some sportsmen also appear on the Local Faces panel.

There is always scope for others to be included in "the forgotten ones" if anyone takes up the challenge.

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