Saturday, 1 May 2010

Arts for All - samples

When the book 'The Leeds Tapestry - we made it' was published the Arts for All panel hadn't been completed. The background, by Chris Richardson (top), was ready but the individual pieces of embroidery had not been chosen.

The Environment panel was made by the West Riding Rag Ruggers, the Leeds in Bloom panel was originally to have been completed by the Embroiderers' Guild and in the same way the Arts for All panel was to have been made by patchwork and quilters.

Many of the Night Owl quilters had too many other commitments at the time but several of them made small postcard sized samples to see what could be done on that scale. Some of the results are shown above.

The Pillars at Catalana were machine appliqued by Chris Richardson and the Malham view by Liz Thompson.

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