Thursday, 20 May 2010

Leeds in Bloom - Harewood Arms

Kath Bretherick introduced a group of embroiderers from Harewood willing to stitch the Harewood Arms; Mrs Parnaby, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Armstrong, Mrs Hedley, Mrs Sutcliffe, Mrs Peel and Mrs Newby. They in turn suggested the Countess, as an experienced needlewoman, may be willing to get involved, which lead to her becoming a Patron of the Tapestry.

Ann Wheatley chartered the building for petit point (12 hours)

And many others were involved in embroidering flowers using various techniques to surround the piece.

Cross stitch flower border by Ruth Fowler and Lynne Ward

Primrose by Margaret Foxcroft (needleweaving)

Pink flower by unknown embroiderer (needleweaving)

Yellow flower by Shirley Gale (needleweaving)

Primroses by Margaret Foxcroft (needleweaving)

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