Saturday, 22 May 2010

Environment - Rivercare

This is the picture from the front cover of the Rivercare brochure. During the late 1990s this programme was introduced by Yorkshire Water to upgrade the region's 617 inland sewage treatment works and sewerage system. Yorkshire's sewerage system was built by the Victorians and during the 1980s Yorkshire Water began to tackle the years of neglect and underinvestment.

"We will be investing over £1 million every day over the next few years to further improve clean and waste water services in Yorkshire"

Unfortunately there's no date on the publication and there's no obvious information on the Yorkshire Water website about Rivercare. Has the programme finished? Were all goals met? Has it changed it's name to the Freshwater Fish Directive?

In 2002 there was an exhibition at Armley Mills showing photographs taken by the artist in residence, Ian Beesley, was this when the programme came to an end?

Questions, questions.

What I do know is that Joan Holah spent 80 hours hand stitching this on printed fabric.

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