Sunday, 28 February 2010

Local Faces - Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett, born in Armley in 1934. In the book of the Tapestry he was described as being best known for "Beyond the Fringe", "Talking Heads" and the film "The Madness of King George". He used to shun publicity, hence peeping from behind a curtain on the panel, but he's now one of our National Treasures. Since the Local Faces panel was finished he has had great success with "The History Boys".

In our family he is best known for autographing his collected works for DD at his favorite fish and chip supper diner.

Mr Bennett was embroidered in raised work by Beverley Silverman

Local Faces - Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg CBE, Patron of the Tapestry and actress. She was born in Doncaster but spent her teenage years in Leeds, attending Fulneck School.
She would prefer not to be known only as Emma Peel in the Avengers so, can anyone provide any anecdotes?

The embroidery is raised work/applique and was made by Gillian Holding

Local Faces - Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley, a man known for his sombre clothing was the first face seen on Channel 4.
When the panel was first on display, without a key to it, a visitor was overheard saying 'that doesn't look a bit like Richard Whiteley'.
This piece was hand painted and stitched by Ann Brown and took 40 hours to complete.

Any reminiscences of the man and his career? I know he's greatly missed by the Countdown fans out there.

Where are they now?

The Local Faces panel was made between 1995 and 2002. The great and good were chosen by a research team and by nomination by members of the public. Historical figures from the City were portrayed in black and white, while the living were stitched in glorious technicolour.
Would the same people have been nominated a mere eight years later?
The Leeds Tapestry website is in the process of being changed. There is such a vast collection of information about its construction and the individual pieces of embroidery that we decided a blog may be more interactive. The Tapestry was conceived by Kate Russell who was helped over the years by hundreds of volunteers. Hopefully even more will volunteer to provide information for the blog.
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