Friday, 14 May 2010

Community Spirit - Morris Dancers

Are these the Ladies of Briggate Morris Dancers? Hopefully someone may be able to identify the individuals.

The girl's dancing were hand stitched by Val Gomersal (28 hours) and those waiting for the show to begin were hand and machine stitched by Betty Bertrand (30 hours). The original photograph had dustbins rather than bushes in the foreground; photoshop and french knots and voila not a bin in site.


  1. Yes, the Morris Dancers are Briggate Morris. :)

    The Mens side just above "those waiting for the show" (on the full tapestry) are Leeds Morris Men, and I have just been informed that the Leeds Men are, from left to right: Rob, Joe and Simon.

    I think I recognize a couple of Briggate's but cant be sure. I will try to find out from older members :)

  2. Thank you for that. I've added the Morris Men today. Do you have an explanation of the colours of your dress?


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