Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Community Spirit - Morris Men

Following successful contact with the Briggate Morris Dancers, I can now report that these three are from Leeds Morris Men and from left to right are Rob, Joe and Simon.

Leeds Morris Men was founded in 1950 and there's a grand page on their website on how to distinguish them from other sides (yes, there is a collective name for Morris Men). They use the colours of The University of Leeds, white, burgundy and green and the crossed sash/ribbon is known as a baldric.

They perform most Thursday evenings throughout the summer at different pubs and the full programme can be found on their website. This week its the Howden Arms at Tadcaster and The Greyhound at Saxton.

Rob, Joe and Simon were stitched by Merel Jackson (6 1/2 hours) on printed fabric. The embroidery was scanned before the edges were turned over - hence the black outline. Quite often the edges of the pieces were finished off by other volunteers but I suspect that Merel will have done this one herself. She and Shirley Gale were the chief finishers and 'stitchers-down'. A better view of the image can be got by clicking on it.

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