Thursday, 27 May 2010

On the Move - Bicycle

Another sort of bike altogether.

"The Transport Panel was almost complete, it lay horizontally on the trestles. Kate and Brian were laying out the completed pieces on the canvas, endeavouring to obtain balance whilst putting them in approximate date order. Brian drew Kate's attention to the fact that there was no bicycle and offered to sponsor the missing item as his family's contribution. The result can now be seen right in the centre of the panel, a shop delivery cycle with a large basket at the front.

Brian rode such a bike as a teenager, delivering shoe repairs for the family business. In 1936 his father, Harry Jackson, set up in business as a shoe repairer at 220 Harrogate Road. The lock-up shop was built on the site of the yard of the former Queen Hotel.
Brian's wife Merel and sister, Marian Mouncey worked the frame and wheels while Brian completed the basket."

(notes from Brian Jackson 3/11/03)

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