Sunday, 23 May 2010

Environment - Granary Wharf

"From 1866-9 North Eastern Railway (NER) constructed an enormous viaduct to ease rail congestion and to link the Leeds and Bradford lines with Marsh Lane Station and routes to Selby, York & the north-east. Formerly used for storage, the vaults, known locally as the Dark Arches, were converted to Granary Wharf Craft Arcade in 1988. There are Victorian-style shops and a Sunday craft market but they seem to have lost some of their appeal in the last few years, possibly because Sunday trading is more common everywhere."

This was written for the Tapestry database as the panels were being finished. Since then there has been a revival and the area redeveloped with a hotel and apartments. There are now themed markets every Saturday.

One interesting date on their calendar this year is World Knitting Day, June 12th 2010. Baa Ram Ewe is a new wool shop in Headingley and the owners seem to have developed a really exciting way of encouraging young people to learn knitting.

Jan Brown hand stitched this piece on printed fabric.

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