Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Textile and Industrial Heritage - Murray's Engine

OK, this is where I get very confused and hope that someone like Kris will help out.

This is a model of the prototype engine built by Mathew Murray in 1812. It seems to have the cogged wheel missing, so presumably is the forerunner of the Rack and Pinion loco described a couple of days ago?

The model is kept at Armley Mills, where for several years the Tapestry panels in progress were worked on by the volunteers. The Burling and Mending room was set aside for the work and there were many workshops with leading embroiderers of the time.

The embroidery was hand stitched, including french knots, by Jan Brown in 40 hours


  1. The rack rail and wheel were just on one side of the engine. This was a bit of a design problem as it meant they suffered badly from wear.

  2. So, this is just the rack and pinion loco from the other side?


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