Sunday, 14 March 2010

Leeds in Bloom - Kirkstall Abbey

In the spirit of Mothering Sunday this image is of Kirkstall Abbey with daffodils in the foreground. I'm not sure whether Kirkstall ever fitted into the position of Mother Church but it was, and is, certainly important in the Christian Faith of the City.

Cistercian monks, originally from Fountains Abbey moved here from Barnoldswick in 1152. The Abbey, originally made of wood, was mostly complete by 1182 and made of Bramley Fall gritstone. The monks traded in wool until, in 1539, Abbot John Ripley surrended the abbey to the king’s commissioners. Sir Robert Savile bought it in 1584 and it passed through marriage to the Earls of Cardigan whose trustees sold it to Colonel John North in 1889. North then presented it to the City of Leeds and it was finally opened to the public on 14 September 1895.

This is one of the larger pieces on the sixteen panels and was embroidered entirely by Maureen Hinds in black work and hand embroidery.

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