Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Arts for All

Arts for All was the final panel completed. It represents a decorative pin board with postcards of examples of arts in Leeds. I've added it today in celebration of the exhibition at the V & A.

When the first 15 panels had been made there was a difficult time finding a home for them all. At first they were displayed in the stable courtyard at Harewood, then they moved to The Royal Armouries. The latter was a more suitable venue because there was free access to them but this, again, was only a temporary home.

Leeds City Council offered another temporary display site in a first floor corridor of the Central Library and its here that the Arts Panel was unveiled. Finally, last year, the Council, Library and Tapestry Trustees agreed that the Library would be the permanent exhibition space; and after redecoration, re-hanging and interpretation boards were added there was a re-union for the volunteers and friends to celebrate.

The background patchwork was made, almost entirely, by Chris Richardson of Night Owls quilters group

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