Thursday, 11 March 2010

Local Faces - Dean Walter Farquhar Hook

One of the four statues found in City Square but this one is off his pedestal and proclaiming from a first floor balcony.

Dean Hook (1798-1875) was responsible for building the present Parish Church and there is a memorial to him in there. He seems to have been a bit of a controversial figure, building churches, from a council levy, in a mainly non-conformist town and encouraging the education of children when laws to limit the number of hours they worked hadn't even been introduced.
In 1859 he moved to Chichester where he became Dean and was buried there in the Cathedral. Seventy-seven years in two paragraphs - I suspect I'm not doing him justice. Leodis has a more comprehensive article on the man

His statue in City Square was sponsored by Colonel T. Walter Harding and designed by F W Pomeroy.

The hand stitched embroidery was done by Barbara Gray.

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