Sunday, 7 March 2010

Textile and Industrial Heritage - Mathew Murray

And here's the man himself. Mathew Murray, born in Scotland in 1765.
A potted biography can be found on the Holbeck village website.

Wondering if there was a statue of Mr Murray in Leeds I found this site where Bob Speel has listed all the Victorian sculpture in the City. He includes a good deal of information on the statues in City Square. Judging by the dates of these, the worthies of Leeds were commemorating the turn of the eighteenth to nineteenth century in the Square. The equivalent of Millennium Square (formerly Mandela Gardens)?

Post Script
City Square was constructed to celebrate Leeds becoming a City.
Mandela Gardens still exists in the new Millennium Square arrangement - its the southern part with the Kenneth Armitage bronze 'Both Hands'.
Both City Square and Millennium Square were re-created by the Civic Architect John Thorp.

The embroidery was hand stitched on printed fabric by Janet Carding and took 18 hours to complete.

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