Friday, 5 March 2010

Local Faces - James Watt

Denise Teed used the same technique to stitch James Watt, hand made felt with machine stitching. On the website we wrote

'City Square was built just after Leeds gained city status (1893). Colonel Harding offered statues of Joseph Priestley, John Harrison, Ralph Thoresby and Dean Hook. Councillor Wainwright argued that Watt rather than Thoresby would be more appropriate as Watt’s steam engines powered the first mills in Leeds. Perhaps Matthew Murray rather than Watt should be in the Square, as his engines were more widely used in Leeds and Watt, working in Birmingham, actually bought the land around Murray’s works in an attempt to stop his works expanding.'

Is it true that Watt blocked Murray's expansion or is it an ugly rumour?

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  1. From reading the story on this site it seems that Murray was anticipating the 'open source' policy on innovation espoused by many of today's computer scientists. Good man.


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