Monday, 22 March 2010

Local Faces - Willis Hall (1929-2005)

I think there will have to be two postings today. Something happened in Hunslet in the 1930s, the friendship of three families, the Halls, the O'Tooles and the Waterhouses.

Willis Hall was a prodigious writer with works including 'The Long and the Short and the Tall' and the Vampire series of children's books. He started writing professionally at the age of 12 when he would attend weddings and funerals for the now defunct Leeds Guardian, noting down the guests and mourners.

Both he and Keith Waterhouse had successful separate writing careers but when Billy Liar, the book, was published Willis contacted his friend, suggesting it would make a fine play. This was the beginning of a prodigious collaborative play writing phase in both of their lives.

The piece was hand stitched on printed fabric by Val Gomersall (6.5 hours) and was sponsored by the Yorkshire Post.

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    I've really enjoyed reading the chatty snippets of information about the pieces of embroidery you're showing. lovely to see a small bit at a time too. I also like all the links and spent ages reading the needleprint blog which you directed me to. Thanks for restimulating interest in wonderful stitchery! I'll definately be back in the future....Kate


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