Friday, 19 March 2010

Local Faces - Brian Close and Fred Trueman

We don't have a lot of information on the database about these two Yorkshire cricketers but in tandem with Leeds Daily Photo blog. I thought it relevant to add them today, in celebration of the new statue.

Brian Close was born in 1931 in Rawdon. He started to play cricket for Yorkshire in 1949 and captained the team from 1963-1970. His debut for England was when he was 18.

Fred Trueman was born in 1931 in Stainton, Yorkshire. He made his cricket test debut in 1952.

Both were sponsored by John Morgan and embroidered by Valerie Horner, not only hand stitched but also with very tiny cabled knitting. I don't know what she used as knitting needles or how long she took with the project.

Could a sport's fan submit the relevant information about these stars of Yorkshire cricket? Would any other cricketers be added to 'the forgotten ones' ? Darren Gough and Len Hutton are included on the Sports Panel.

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  1. I see there's an ale named after him, Freddie Trueman Yorkshire Ale, brewed by Copper Dragon - information rather than advertisement.



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