Monday, 26 April 2010

Textile and Industrial Heritage - James Hare

Having written about Alfred Brown's company (established in 1915) I've now started looking to see if any other companies on the Tapestry have survived with the original families running them. James Hare's is one such, and the family were very generous in providing silk fabric for use on the Tapestry.
James Hare started his apprenticeship in a woollen mill in the mid c19. He then became a woollen and worsted merchant first in a cottage in Clare Street (1865), and then he took a warehouse on Wellington Street. In 1913 the firm began to manufacture cloth at Arlington Mills and then acquired a warehouse on Queen Street and built Coronet House.

In 1973 “Hare of England” were sold to Illingworth Morris of Bradford and the fourth generation of the family have continued in business as “James Hare Silks” one of the largest distributors of silk fabrics.
I'm hoping someone from the company can add information about the change of logo.

Valerie Horner made the logo in goldwork, taking 45 hours in the task. Elizabeth Thackrah assembled the book cover with hand dyed fabrics and with notions supplied by Brian Peace, Margaret Clark and Maureen Carr.
Godfrey Harland hand stitched the building on printed fabric in 29 hours.

PS reply from James Hare that this has always been their logo

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