Friday, 9 April 2010

LS 2000

From the eighteenth to the twenty-first century in twenty four hours.

After the Money Works panel had been unveiled other firms from the financial sector were eager to be included on the Tapestry. The talk then was of 24-hour and internet banking and many new developments were springing up around Leeds, particularly around the waterfront.

LS2000 - Urban Fabric represents a communications superhighway around the border, and the historical superhighway, the river, running down the centre of the panel. When it was first planned the idea was to incorporate fibre optics in the design but, despite attending many workshops, they had to be ruled out as unworkable.

Darren Newby of Carey Jones was commissioned to design an architectural map suggesting 'urban fabric' which includes the River Aire, some of the statues from city square and the floor plan of the Tetley Brewery Wharf visitor centre ( or is it the Corn Exchange?).

The architectural map was then machine stitched onto a huge piece of pelmet vilene by Elizabeth Thackrah and the individually embroidered buildings were fixed to board to raise them from the surface of the map. This posed quite a problem for the team who had to research extensively for conservation grade glues which were capable of bearing the weight of the pieces. Before the re-launch last year this panel had to be removed from it's frame to make minor repairs.

and finally.........
the mouse traps on Secret Lives of Objects are definitely worth a peak.

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