Saturday, 3 April 2010

Faith in the City - The Cathedral Church of St Anne

The old St Anne's was built as recently as 1838 but by 1900 it's location was in the way of Leeds development of a tram system. It was demolished to open up the junction of Cookridge Street with Park Row.

The foundation stone of the present Cathedral was laid on the Feast of St Anne, 26th July 1902. It was a collaborative work by architects John Henry Eastwood (1843-1913), a native of Leeds, and Sidney Kyffin Greenslade (1866-1955).

The religious buildings on the Faith panel were some of the largest projects of the tapestry. Lizzie Ingle and Lynne Ward completed the 'James Brown' cathedral in petit point in 50 hours and Barbara Gray spent 356 hours on the street level view in cross stitch.

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