Thursday, 15 April 2010

LS2000 - Drawn Metal Ltd

Some of the pieces on the Tapestry have been researched and recorded in full. Others, like the above have the name of the company attached and very little background material. Drawn Metal Ltd are still functioning, congratulations, and hope someone from the firm can add a potted history to the blog.

Watch this space.

Renee Silverman stitched both of the pieces and I hope she'll be able to tell us more about her work.


  1. Drawn Metal Gates.
    The challenge was to reproduce the photograph on gold leather using computer
    embroidery techniques. Set up the design on the screen and hit snag number
    one. Computer was pre-laptop days and was wedged in the "workroom" between
    husband's workstation and bookcase - so machine had to sit on the floor, so
    did I to thread up the gold silk. Big snag number two - gold silk doesn't
    like machine needles and frayed every few stitches. Only solution was to lay
    on my stomach on the floor, rethreading and backstitching, for three hours.
    To get myself back to vertical I had to crawl on to the landing and yell for
    help. The wonders of modern technology!
    Renee Silverman

  2. Brilliant Renee. I have the same problem with my back at the moment. Too long sitting on the floor with work spread round about me.


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