Friday, 16 April 2010

LS2000 - Time Ball Buildings

I should apologise for the quality of the image this morning. When the Tapestry was begun it was always going to be important to keep a record of who had done each piece of work. Kate was very aware that large works of needlework and embroidery from history had obviously involved many workers, but none of their names has been recorded.

As each piece was completed a description of it, with the name of the volunteer was entered in a ledger. This was fine with the unique pieces but meaningless when the description was 'leaves' or 'tree' or 'lady in red coat'. When we finally acquired computers a and digital camera this could be remedied with a pictorial record of each embroidery.

So, the quality of the images on this blog is at the mercy of 1990s technology. Each piece was scanned at 150dpi (we were advised to scan at 72 to save space). I really should photoshop the background of this one.

Sponsored by Marriott, who took over this building, the Time Ball Buildings is one of the great curiosities of Leeds. Apparently behind this rich facade are two C17 houses, I wonder if either appear on the Cossins map? The elaborate stucco was applied in 1876 by John Dyson, jeweller and watchmaker. The building is named after the elaborate time ball mechanism attached to the clock above the entrance, which was linked to Greenwich and dropped at exactly 1 pm each day. It was installed in 1910 along with a second clock by Potts, with a gilded figure of Father Time carved by JW Appleyard.

The interior has now been converted into a restaurant but retains most of its ornate late Victorian fittings, including chandeliers bought at the 1890 Paris exhibition.

It was hand stitched on printed fabric by Joan Holah.

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