Monday, 5 April 2010

Faith in the City - United Hebrew Congregation Synagogue

I haven't got to grips with the 'placing' of Easter in the secular calendar, I know its all to do with the phases of the moon and its the same calculation which gives the Jewish faith their Passover each year.

Passover this year is 30th March until 5th April. On the internet these dates vary, possibly because dating can be measured at sunset?

The first synagogue in Leeds opened in 1846 (on a site now covered by the Merrion Centre) but by 1900, as a result of the Russian pograms, there were so many Jewish immigrants in the city that there were about 12 in use.

Stanley Wright and Clay of Albion Street designed this Neo-Byzantine United Hebrew Congregation Synagogue on Chapeltown Road built in 1927. As the Jewish population moved north out of central Leeds new synagogues were built and this one became part of the Northern School of Dance, redesigned by Allen Tod Architects between 1995 and 1998.

Arnold Ziff sponsored this piece which was hand stitched on printed fabric by Pauline Clayden (20 hours). When the building was considered for the Faith panel it had already been altered into the Dance School and so, with the help of Rabbis Ian Morris and Solomon Brown and Eve Charing, Hebrew text, stained glass and hand rails were edited back into the picture using photoshop.

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