Sunday, 18 April 2010

Arts for All - Oakwood Fisheries

Just across the road from Oakwood Clock is Oakwood Fisheries. Its been a Fish and Chip shop since 1934 when the Art Deco frontage was built and it's now a Grade II listed building. The shop front was added to a row of shops built in the late 1800s - it must have been stunning when it was first added. Has anyone got a picture of the parade from the late 1930s? We need a photograph of the buildings just to the left of this link. While I've been looking on Leodis site for images I came across this one of Oakwood Clock in its former position in the market.

The piece was hand stitched (modern crewel work) on printed fabric (though there's not a piece of it visible) by Val Gomersal. I particularly like the pigeon on the pavement. When the final panel, Arts for All was being embroidered each of the pieces was scanned at a much higher resolution and we are able to get really close-up pictures of the stitches.

...and, after last friday night, I can highly recommend the fish and chips.

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