Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Textile and Industrial Heritage - Burton Montage

Now then, what is the link between Frank Parkinson (see yesterday's post) and Montague Burton?

They both owned, at one time or another, the fabulous Art Deco Charters near Ascot and there I was, thinking they made their money in the north and stayed here.

Montague Burton (1885-1952) was a Jewish refugee from Lithuania who became 'king' of the Leeds mass production bespoke tailoring industry. In the second World War his factories supplied a quarter of all uniforms for the Army, Navy and Air Force. The importance of this industry to female employment was enormous and the tailoresses became the nationwide stereotype for all female workers of Leeds. His factory was designed with staff welfare uppermost, including dentistry, chiropody, optical treatment and his staff benefitted from sickness benefit and a pension scheme.

A comprehensive biography of Mr Burton can be found here.

The piece was printed on fabric and hand stitched by Betty Laycock (24 hours)

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