Friday, 18 June 2010

Education - Clothworker's Court

The craft of the Clothworker was the 'finishing' of woven cloth. The fuller's part was to cleanse and thicken the cloth when it came from the weaver including removing loose particles and raising the nap using teasel. The shearman then 'set' the cloth, cutting off the roughened fibres with broad shears.

I was over in Headingley yesterday so thought I would go to find the teasel on the building. In the first picture it's obscured by the arch, but it's a sunny picture of the Clothworker's Court from more or less the same angle as the representation on the Education panel.

Below are the three gables in the court, with what looks like an indigo plant on the left, teasel in the centre and madder root on the right.

There are other indicators on the building about its origins, including the Civic Trust plaque

and a wonderful plaque on the 1910 extension showing the size of the donation given by the Worshipful Company of Clothworkers.

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