Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sports for All - Mrs Moody (1905-1998)

You're quite right, Mrs Moody has no connection with Leeds. Born in California, she was Wimbledon Ladies Singles Champion eight times in the 1920s and 1930s.

She appears on Leeds Tapestry courtesy of Robin Dove's collection of cigarette cards, giving an example of an action shot in tennis. Have any famous tennis players come from Leeds?

She appears on the blog today as a reminder that even though we may think its all over today (World Cup - hope I may have to eat my words) there's still a week of Wimbledon left.

Carol Marshall made this piece in wool on canvas. It looks as if it's petit point or tent stitch, though it's so neat it could be cross stitch.

What's in a name
Pamela Clabburn's definitions -

gros point: "Cross stitch. However, the term is often misapplied to canvas work done with a large tent stitch, and sometimes is even used for the whole piece of work, as 'my gros point'."

tent stitch: "canvas stitch, continental stitch, cushion stitch, half cross stitch, needlepoint stitch, petit point. Can be worked horizontally or diagonally (basket weave stitch in America)."

So, there we are.

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