Thursday, 10 June 2010

Environment - Aireborough Shield

The Aireborough Badge has never been an official coat of arms, but it is made up of the coats of arms of the families historically associated with the Aireborough townships.

This is a combination of the arms of the Stansfield and Crompton families. Robert Stansfield, who died in 1796, bought Esholt Hall in 1755. In 1880 the Hall belonged to Colonel Crompton Stansfield, then Lord of the Manor of Yeadon. The Hall now belongs to Yorkshire Water.

The arms on the badge is an inaccurate representation of the arms of the de Ward family, whose first known member, Osbert de Warde de Givendale, was living in 1130. Simon de Warde founded Esholt priory about the end of the 12th century. Four members of the family were Rectors of Guiseley: Nicholas in 1254, John in 1345, Simon in 1414 and Christopher in 1500. the last known member of the family was Sir Christopher who died in 1522 and was probably buried at Esholt.

The arms for Rawdon are from the Rowden family. A Paul de Rowden probably came to England with William the Conqueror. A John de Rowden, who died in 1350, was buried at Rawdon. The last of the Rawdon lands passed to the monks of Kirkstall, and after the Reformation to the Earl of Cumberland, and later by sale to Francis Layton. Rawdon Church was built in 1684 in accordance with the Will of Francis Layton who had died 20 years earlier.

(Information from the Aireborough Directory of 1997).

Hand stitched by Margaret Clark

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