Thursday, 12 August 2010

Textile and Industrial Heritage - Garforth Colliery Barge

Just returned from Hartlepool, where the Tall Ships have been docked over the weekend. A really impressive sight and a great opportunity to catch up with friends who've also left the town. This photograph, though not too good, is included for health and safety issues

Another tenuous link - Leeds may not have the sea but in the past sails may have been seen in the area. Today's offering is Garforth Colliery Barge.

Sir Thomas Gascoigne planned a canal to Tadcaster, to ease transport from his colliery, and even acquired an Act in 1774. Realising that such a navigation would open the Wharfedale market to competing collieries, Sir Thomas abandoned the plan. Presumably, this is an illustration from his scheme of 1774.

The embroidery was hand stitched on printed fabric by Joyce Maynard.

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