Thursday, 26 August 2010

Community Spirit - Irish Dancer

An Irish dancer. There are many thriving groups and classes for the dance around Yorkshire and there's a website devoted to the subject, including making the dresses. These dresses must take an age to make with the design in embroidery and applique.

So, an embroidery of embroidery, stitched by Jan Brown on printed fabric. Does anyone know who the girl is?


  1. This is Kirsty Beeton, a pupil I was teaching at Parklands Girls' High School at the time the Tapestry team was looking for examples of the sheer diversity in Leeds' community. A pleasure to teach her, though I never saw her Irish dancing. Jan Brown

  2. I made a mistake. My apologies to KIRSTY BINGHAM, still a lovely pupil.

  3. I'm so sorry that its taken such a long time to reply, but are you saying that Kirsty Bingham is the dancing girl?



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