Saturday, 3 July 2010

Enterprise - Two Ladies Eating

It's Leeds Food Festival this weekend with events going on all around the city. Apparently this is the second year for the event, I wonder if I was away last year or just missed it. Anyway, there are lots of marquees up in Roundhay Park so tomorrow it will be a toss up between the event and Wimbledon Men's Final or both.

There aren't many references to food on the Tapestry so Freda Copley's wonderful piece of raised work is illustrated today. Freda wrote a piece for the book which is quoted here

"I did 20 hours a week for four years, starting at 5pm and often working until 10pm. Sometimes I would look up and discover it was two in the morning, so I would take it, on its frame, to bed with me and work on it a little bit more. I was so much in love with it! I would become totally absorbed. Sometimes I would go all day Saturday and Sunday and just stitch. I would find myself getting more and more desparate to complete a piece and my fingers would fly faster and faster...."

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