Monday, 26 March 2012

Transport - Eades Reversible Car No. 58

This is from a photograph taken in about 1890 of the Eades Reversible Car No. 58 at Headingley terminus. Three of these trams were supplied to Leeds but were never popular due to the narrowness of the roads at the tram termini. At Chapeltown terminus the car overhung the pavement by over 5 feet when being turned and accidents were not uncommon. Seating was stated to be 18 inside and 20 outside upstairs.
Leeds Transport Historical Society has published several volumes on the subject.  Volume 1 written by J Soper covers the period 1830 to 1902 and is a must for anyone wanting to read further.

The embroidery was hand stitched by Eileen Wilson whose husband did a lot of the research for the Transport panel.

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